Our staff of architects, engineers, interior designers and technicians has a broad base of exceptional knowledge and experience. These talents are focused on the individual needs of each client in order to develop innovative, as well as functional and efficient designs. The staff participates in continuing education programs, is active in the appropriate professional associations and utilizes a state-of-the-art computer data management system and Building Information Modeling (BIM) CAD drafting.

Our difference is effective information management. To organize this process and improve the quality of decision-making, we strive to improve decision management by improving the communication process. Good design results from good decision-making, based on good information management. By starting with a group of professionals selected for talent and experience, and keeping them together throughout the project, compartmentalized organizational structures are avoided. This allows the same people to work with the client from the beginning of design until construction is complete. More professional hours are spent, but communication time is lessened and communication errors are reduced resulting in more creative design solutions. We have a very loyal client base with over 78% of our ongoing work with repeat clients and over 85% of all new clients coming as referrals from the existing client base.

Vintage Archonics/Industrial Design Group has a solid reputation for delivering exceptional architectural, interior design, and engineering services for a multitude of project and clientele types.  We have an extensive resume and capability of providing unparalleled design services.

We have strong talent and expertise to provide valuable pre-construction services for planning, design, and presentation media.  This is particularly beneficial at front-end due-diligence preparation for the planning, budgeting and fund-raising phases of each project.  The following projects, images and photos are representative of deliverables Vintage Archonics/Industrial Design Group can provide.  This includes examples of design and experience by Vintage Archonics leadership personnel at previous positions of employment.