We are committed to developing customized, innovative, and affordable sustainable building solutions. Vintage Archonics/Industrial Design Group have extensive experience in incorporating green elements in our designs. Well-versed in high-performance, energy-efficient solutions, we are dedicated to reducing energy and environmental impacts in support of your bottom line. Our expertise results in projects that meet your goals for both budget and sustainability.

As a member of the US Green Building Council, we strive to design environments that promote health and wellness. LEED has become an ever-growing phenomenon that strengthens our drive to be good stewards of the land, resources, and future generations of the community. In addition to the LEED silver certication at Rochester Learning Center, we have achieved LEED certification for two industrial projects. Even before LEED became a powerful influence we incorporated "green" technology such as geothermal loop systems, which were designed by our own certified geothermal designer/engineer.